Nature or nurture–the age-old question in your world

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A guide talks about aggression in dogs I have a question about pit bulls, this breed of dog that many want to have banned for their aggressive tendencies. It’s such a divisive subject right now because many feel that this is a breed of dog that is being picked on and I am curious if [...]

Helping an old cat be comfortable and at peace

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Wondering: I know my cat has an illness. What can I do at this stage to insure he is at peace and comfortable? He has started to spend more time by himself now. Are his teeth and gums paining him? Will it be okay if I clean his teeth with the tooth instruments I purchased [...]

See the world!

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Cindar - It took all I had to try to keep calm over my apartment situation by recalling Bible verses recently for my cat’s sake. If my cat had suffered because of this woman’s actions, I don’t know what I would have done. Did my cat suffer? Regardless of what the circumstances may be, how [...]

Another guide’s view on the eating of flesh… and other topics

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Following our conversation with the the high guide about eating meat, another guide came through to speak to us. This is one that we call The Professor. His appearance sparked a wide-ranging discussion.  Professor: I ate many chickens. OK, can you talk to us about that. There are creatures in your word that are so of [...]

Children and concerns about the eating of meat

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This is a continuation of our conversation with a guide about our relationship with animals. Last night my grandson and I spent quite a bit of time rescuing a moth that was trapped. But then this morning we ate pork sausage with no thought about the animal that died for our breakfast....?Yes, when you take the [...]

Wondering how to know when to let go of efforts with an older cat

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G asks how to control phosphorus, potassium, and other levels in her older cat. She is also wondering how to know when to stop all efforts and let him pass? Dearest one, remember what this lovely little being’s purpose in life is: unconditional love. So simply love this one. Make sure there’s lots of fresh [...]

A guide speaks about dog training

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Mike is asking about how to help his dog with socialization.  He says the dog is appropriate with smaller dogs but dominant and feisty with dogs his own size. To help him with what looks like dominance I'm working on putting out more leader energy.  Perhaps I need to use a head halter to redirect him not to [...]

Healing is at hand

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Mike is asking about his rescue german shepherd dog. He says: Are we missing anything health wise? He is so hard to stabilize medically.  Why has he had hot spots and itchy skin for the past month? Wrong diet? Poor liver functioning? He's had high liver enzyme readings, urine stone obstructions, vomiting and a gastric bleed both related [...]