Each lifetime is a learning experience unique to your own growth

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A guide sums up what we need to understand about past lives. We’ve been speaking about past lives. What can you share with us that would be important for us to understand about the many lives that we have lived? This amazing cycle that you all are in is your learning time, to grow, to [...]

Every element of your learning, every second of your growth, is part of who you are today

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A guide speaks about past lives and how they resonate with us today This is an excerpt from one of our gatherings in Victoria with Jane and the spirit guides earlier this year. Someone asked about past lives that still resonate in her life today and this is part of what the guide replied: All [...]

You have walked with this one many times

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How to handle a strong connection with one you recognize from past lives I would like to know about my relationship with T. I have tried to let it go and not contact him, but I cannot help myself. He is so familiar to me, I feel so safe and at peace with him and [...]

A love that was left behind

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Angela -- There is one man I am truly deeply connected with, especially through music. He has always felt like a teacher, but the energy was so strong between us that we were too confused to get into a relationship and finally life separated us. I did get together with another man with whom I went [...]

Promises made between two souls

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BJ would like to know more about promises made between two souls. She asks, "If a promise is not achieved why was it made?" Oh what a perfect world it would be if everyone achieved their promises, blessed one. In the time between lifetimes, when you are learning and growing and wondering about what you have [...]

The evolved must stand strong and pay attention

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It’s Me 11 writes: Who was I in a previous lifetime and is it affecting how I am now? Am I doing okay and will everything be all right? Thanks.   The guide's response: The greater question to ask, blessed one, is not, "Who was I," but "Why did I return?"   You are not [...]

To those you love (and those you do not) send light and energy, acceptance and forgiveness

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Dearest Spirit Guide, I would like to know more about my connection to Chris. I have not contacted him so that he can move on, as I have found someone whom I love very much and wish to spend my life with. However, I think of him often and cannot deny that we have a [...]

Elements of learning

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  AJ - I was wondering if and how my past life experiences are influencing me (and my emotional state) in my current life.  Thank-you! This blessed being understands all that you have experienced in previous lifetimes, are present in where you be now. They are within your vibrational code, or your state of being [...]

The deep need for love of self

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Spiritually Radiant writes: Dear Guides, please show me the meaning and purpose of my connection with R. The guide's response: Your connection with R is very well what you think it is.  You have known this one before.  It was a love/hate relationship and it is not complete.   And you don’t know where it [...]

Experiencing deep sadness from a previous life

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L  writes:  I wanted to say thank you again, and ask another question that you guides might enjoy because it is unusual and I think many people can actually relate to it. I wanted to know, what is the cause of “sad nipple syndrome”? It is this phenomena that takes place when the breasts, especially [...]

Seek not how or what to be; seek you

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Sherri:   I’d like to ask about the spiritual path I’ve been on, especially the last six months.  I have been receiving a lot of messages form my guides.  As well, the man I love, my soul mate, it is very difficult and my patience and trust has been tested.  Can you talk about that [...]