What is my soul’s purpose and life’s path?

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Your life path is the one that you are present in now. You have promises. They constitute a great deal of learning. I suppose you would call your soul purpose learning and growth. As to your promises, these are not made clear to you until you have pretty much finished with them. I know my dear [...]

Learning to love someone without being with them

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My question is about the person that came into my life a few years ago with such intensity and I am still feeling a soul connection and an attraction on multiple levels. But this person is not available and I’m not available. Why did this person come into my life, what do I have to [...]

You are not following your mother’s path; you are on yours

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A guide speaks about a relationship with a mother who has passed over My mom passed some time ago and I fear I am following her same path of fear and guilt, although I have moved forward in some ways. I do hope she’s free of that fear and guilt and in a better place. [...]

Do you see what’s in your “Spiritual Toolbox?”

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We've asked the spirit guides if they can assist us with some "tools" that we can use in our daily lives. Once a week one of the guides will bring forward a message, or a teaching, on this topic.   We invite you to share our site and the messages of the guides with those you [...]

The edge of growth during the overturn of souls

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I want to ask about a situation in our country Canada where two different individuals killed soldiers. One of them ran a soldier over and another one shot a soldier at the war memorial and then entered our Parliament building and fired shots. Both of these men were killed as a result of their actions. [...]

A love that was left behind

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Angela -- There is one man I am truly deeply connected with, especially through music. He has always felt like a teacher, but the energy was so strong between us that we were too confused to get into a relationship and finally life separated us. I did get together with another man with whom I went [...]

Seeking guidance about abortion and adoption

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Could you give information about abortion and adoption? My boyfriend and I did give up a boy for adoption (we have contact with him once a year and receive photos every four month). We truly tried our best during pregnancy and birth to surround the unborn soul with love and light despite the troubles that [...]

Love is what you seek when you are present here

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Jane shared that after a session she feels complete love.  Is this state available for all of us? Yes, if you get away from all of the different postures that you carry to present your being to your world.  If you put down all of the different understandings and attitudes of different reflections of who [...]

Promises and relationship with our guides

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How can Circle participants hear the words in a written form and absorb the vibrational connection of the guides and the love that is shared?    What has occurred in these instances, in these communications where there truly is break of natural flow of what occurs in this spiritual physical realm.  You must understand that.  [...]