Feeling stuck in a job that doesn’t fit

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Batul writes: Hello circles and guides! I need guidance about my current job… I believe you already know everything and so will spare the details :) The guide responds: Oh my dearest one, this is not the job for you, and you know it. Your deep frustration with this nonsense that takes place, this political that has [...]

What kind of careers are needed in the world right now?

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Guide - Everything is needed.  New souls do not like to take on learning so there will be many beings just wanting the quick job, something without too much depth. And your very evolved beings will still be in school with their nose in a book. That’s why you feel this imbalance. You need teachers, [...]

Feeling uncertain about career path

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Elizabeth - I am wondering if you can give me practical advice. Is there an avenue that is easiest for me to receive income that I’m not consciously aware of? Would the lab work I’m after be suitable? I feel uncomfortable, that’s always troublesome for me. Dearest Elizabeth, you have at your fingertips the possibility [...]

Choosing a career path

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La Toya:      What am I supposed to be doing as a career? I feel as if I am standing still facing several possible avenues to travel down, toward the career path that is right for me and at the same time feeling lost. I don’t know if it’s even possible to get specifics [...]

Creating an opportunity

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Is there a promise in this environment which involves my growth? I’m feeling fatigued and out of sync with my coworkers?. Can these work relationships improve, or is it best to let go and look for a new position? Well, you will always be looking.  There will always be opportunities left and right.  What do [...]

Openings for a new job

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  Adrian - I tried to use the law of attraction to manifest a new job I have prayed to God, archangels, ascended masters, angels and my spirit guides to help me manifest a new job. Please tell me when do you see a new job for me, is close or no? Many blessings. Why [...]

Confusion about career path

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I’m confused about what to do with my work.  I recently was disappointed as I was very invested in this opportunity and then realized I couldn’t do it.  I don’t know what the next steps will be and I would appreciate some guidance please. Yes.  You are an amazing being.  You would not do well [...]