You may have noticed that our website works somewhat differently now.  This is because we recently moved it from a local hosting company to being hosted by WordPress.  One result is much faster loading of the site; another is increased security. These are positives.

On the other hand, we’ve now discovered that the list of registered users has somehow been lost in cyberspace.  So people were unable to post comments or questions as in the past.  To make it easier for you to post comments or give feedback, we’ve eliminated the requirement to log in or be registered.  You can now post a comment by simply giving your name and email address.  Your email address will not be shown on the site and you can use whatever name you chose so you can ask your question anonymously.

To post a comment or ask a question for the guides, simply click on the “leave a reply” line at the top of any post. This will take you to a page where you can enter text for your comment or question.  If you would like to post a general question about our planet or spirituality or something like that, feel free to submit it.  Questions about  personal circumstances will be brought forward to the guides once we’ve received the $20 payment via the Paypal button on the sidebar. The guides’ responses will then be posted here.

We hope this simplifies your interaction with our website and the spirit guides.

The Circles within Circles Team