Michael asks if we can become conscious of past life experiences, and also whether incarnations exist separately on the spirit level or if they are somehow connected.

All incarnations or experiences are connected, for they are connected within your vibration. Every experience, every path, every lifetime is present within you now. Can you become conscious of them? As you evolve, you cannot not become conscious of them. You’ll find you will do things and think, “Oh, I’ve done this before, I know it. And this time I must be active because I need to do something more in it.” Things return to you because you need to find a vibrational higher level of understanding. You are all one with the many experiences. As to being conscious of it, you cannot not be conscious of it in time. When there is no time in your dimension, when you no longer dwell in the physical form, it is all present. You will hear beings say, “You are a book.” And it’s true. All the experiences are present.

So in between our lifetimes it’s clear to us what we need to be doing, what we have left undone.

And that that needs to be perhaps improved upon. That is still wondrous. You might come back again to come to another understanding of it. As you know, all parts—the positive and the negative—are to be learned. The ying, the yang, you will hear in all forms. It is all true.

And is there a reason why we can’t consciously know what we came to do?

You do know it…just not with the conscious mind. Because the conscious mind is busy understanding, for the survival of the body and the balance of the spirit within it. When these things arise, all beings know that herein lies a great opportunity to grow. You may not totally understand from where it came. While you choose, most often these promises would come from the lifetime before.

And how is it that you are able to know about the people that I speak of when I ask these questions on their behalf?

I am what is called a universal being. I can communicate with all beings at one time. I am not singularly attendant to one being, but many.

And yet you’re able to know their deepest souls.

You must understand that I do not see your body first; I see your spirit. And your spirit is the most beautiful thing. Think of yourself as being in a globe of radiant light, and all that light has a vibrational voice. And that is what speaks to me. Where you have been and what you have done, and how you have been faring, and all the beings that have touched you. All the connections are still present with you. Things are not diminished when those beings are not with you. As if you are an octopus with the many arms, all touching, all vibrational cords of course. It is quite easy for me to see all these things. Do not think I possess any great prowess, my dear. You are a walking book, as are these beings that are asking these questions. Each seeking in their wondrous ways. And I–through love–only want to help. And you–through love–only want to help. Do you understand? You are as important as any of them.

When your great teachers speak about being one with all, do you understand what I have just told you—that I am connected to all? We are all one–All learning, all seeking…to return to the great Mother. But individually, and this is important,–In the second, in the moment, sometimes beings search too vast, instead of understanding the grains, the cells, the atoms. This is a refraction of the whole. Perhaps, is it the foundation? Or is the whole the foundation?

Or are they the same thing?

Yes, you do understand.