Aids, drinking water, and life on other planets

We want to have some questions that are not just personal questions but relate to the state of the planet, and so we had a question about AIDS and why did it come? And why is it still proliferating, especially in Africa.

Well, there are many viruses present in your physical world. More than you have any understanding of yet. And these are very unusual structures because they do not harmonize with your physical plane. These viruses were created to create growth. This is a mutation of one, the one you are seeing now. It has jumped across lines where it wasn’t supposed to be and is now dwelling in the human physical being. Viruses came to create growth. And so this one’s mutation creates growth.

It’s so difficult to see innocent children dying and people suffering essentially because of ignorance…

Yes—and their responsibility is? To choose their path. At every point there’s a choice, my dear. It might seem that there wasn’t a choice. There is. This is not blame, not a fault. There are choices involved in all of these beings. And they are exactly where they need to be in their growing. Does it mean that they shouldn’t take a cure? No, of course not. And there are those that are working very hard to create something that blocks this virus’s ability to enter into the blood cell.

Yes, and there are drugs to help but people in Africa can’t afford them.

No, they can’t afford them but there are beings that can get it to them. And it is their growth to move in this way. No, the sick ones are not suffering at the expense of others’ growth. There is choice. They have other things they grow at as well. Each life is a microcosm of different vibrational growth—every thing, every action, every choice. I know it is difficult when you stand where you are to look at it. It is difficult for us to look at it. But we have to understand that they do move in their life, in their path, and do and choose, as they need to grow. It does not mean that you should not do what you can to help. It does not mean that they should not take the help. It means, what is evolving is as it should be. Not a deserving, not a punishment. Every element of choice is a gift. I believe you do not see this as we do, but even what might seem the worst thing is often a gift.

Yes, I know that some people have said that cancer was a gift to them, in learning.
And cancer states are their own cells that have turned inside out (although there are some viruses that cause it as well). When you understand that you and the cells are one—the cancer cell, or a virus cell, or a starving baby, or… You are all one. When all beings understand the oneness, this growing will be complete.

I think we have a long way to go.
I’m sure that all beings will proceed as they should, though there has been a remarkable growing in the last passage of time. So do not fear; there is more growth occurring spiritually now than there ever has been.

And what about the planet. Will it survive to sustain us? Will it run out of water?
No, it won’t run out of water, but will the water be drinkable? It is a closed unit that way.

I know, that worries me.
Water, in the past, has been what wars were over. And if you think of it as circles within circles my dear, you will see these wars again. There will always be a struggle to get that that is needed for those that need that growth. And there will be the great perseverance to find a way to provide it for those that need that growth. Will your great planet forgive and accept and grow? Yes. It is an amazing sphere. And new ones are being made all the time.

New planets?

And on some of them there are life forms learning as we are learning?

Yes, of course, very much the same.

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    Thank you for this opportunity to ask questions. This is my question: What are the reasons Phil is unable or unwilling to return to his home?Thank you,Christine

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