A new year, a new world

A beautiful high guide, we refer to as the Teacher, shared this message.

Hello. You dwell in a new world, so approach it this way. Do not expect old learning and old teachings to fulfill the world you are now present in. Be creative. Be open. Release your ability to judge others, but see them for who they be. Allow all beings their time and space, allowing yourself the same.

You live in a time when there is a great amount of fear. Fear is the moving and controlling force that is present in your world. But fear is just simply an upside need for love. So, where you see fear, fill it with light and love. Where you see hate, dissolve it with love. Where you see darkness, stand in it and shine the light that you be. For all of you are that perfect light, a light that never goes out not even in the transformation from this life to the next. You will only shine brighter.



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