Feeling uncertain about career path


Elizabeth – I am wondering if you can give me practical advice. Is there an avenue that is easiest for me to receive income that I’m not consciously aware of? Would the lab work I’m after be suitable? I feel uncomfortable, that’s always troublesome for me.

Dearest Elizabeth, you have at your fingertips the possibility of creating just about anything you want. But you see it as being a burden instead of as a great opportunity. You are intelligent, lovely to be with, friendly. But you’re carrying around a belief that you are never going to achieve some illusive happiness that’s always going to be a few inches away from your nose. How about you put all that down? How about you get up tomorrow and say, “I have got it all in my hand. And I will make it be.”

The fear you have, the thoughts you think, they come from another time and place. They are old. They don’t fit you any more. Look at that. Look at how you have grown, how successful you truly are, my dear.

Hold that beautiful head up. You can make money any way you wish. Why does it have to be money that will make you happy? Why does it always have to be that little bit that you don’t have? I believe that you have happiness.  You are a lovely being.

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