Desire to trust, but feeling fearful

TrustGrowing Soul – Dear Guides, You had asked if I want to trust him? My answer is yes. But how can I? Doubts still crop up and I feel a lot of anxiety at such times… You said he is a good man, I know so to a large extent he is. Why do I still feel he lies at times… Please advice, how do I build that trust in him?

You are guarded, my little one, you are guarded.  You have a great shield around you.  You have never even truly allowed him to see who you really are, this beautiful gentle spirit.  For you fear that you are not what he would want.  You feel that that you do not measure up to others, so you fear.  This is where this is from; the fear is why you can’t find yourself to trust for you do not trust yourself.

Oh, blessed one, how do I help you to love yourself enough to allow him to love you, to see you?

Your life, your path, you are very confused often by old understandings and new understandings.  It is time in your path to understand who you are.   So, put away your worry of him for a while.  Let us address you.  You are not just a wife.  You are more than this.  That ceremony did not give away your brain and heart.  It should only enhance your life.  You are wise beyond wisdom.  You are highly intellectual, but you are choosing things less than what you can accomplish to fit into a state and place you believe others think you should be.  But, who are you? 

I hate to be direct, blessed one.  Well, actually I don’t even have hate in my being, but I will say with the directness it is you that you do not trust.   And this is difficult to understand.  He is a good person.  You are a good person.  You had experiences before marriage.    Each day you spend with someone, let that day be anew.  Let it be full of surprise and wonder, not expectations, not rules.

Bless you my child.  We will talk again.


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