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This morning we sat down and channeled responses to the questions that were asked. Two different guides came through and both were excited to be part of this process. Here the answers they gave us.

Kristine asked about finances

This entity has great stress on her being, and tries always to have control of every situation. That nothing be left unattended. It is a vibration of fear within this being that echoes above her at this time. She needs to be at peace within. She has great trust in self but not often in others. She must bring herself to the vibrational state of peace and calm, to fill the vibrational void that is around her. She often feels very alone. She is very creative. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished. Tell her to centre, to be one with her truth and all shall fall in place.

Money is simply a tool, an extension of learning. It is often given a persona in your physical world. It is these shadows that people put over them that limit or unlimit what they have or need. She fears at this time that it shall not be. Trust that it shall. She has the ability to create all that is needed. It is often thought that it is just the words, but it is truly the integration at the centre of the being. The vibration must be in accordance with the desire.

How to do it? By realizing that money is an extension of that that you are. Be it love. Be it light. If you are holding back then it shall not come to you. If you are free and open than it shall be there for you.

Darcy asked about her business

She understands she must be the one who must make the choices for herself. Being the head of her own business is very important. She has passed the time where she can do work under others. At this time there is a circle around her that has limited her in their concept of her. When she has broken past this limiting circle and reaches out to new beings, things will open. She should worry not about those who see her as she was. Trust that she has grown and moved forward. It is often through their own fear that beings wish others not to move forward. She must trust in herself and move forward.

There are many times she felt she had allergies and these are very much from anxieties. She needs to shine in her own light and to see her own strength. She will be drawn to this until she truly understands.

Meluque asked about dinosaurs

Like many of the landforms, these beings had a great purpose. They have spirits that were great and wondrous. Like all beings, they lived through their experience of growing and moving forward. You will learn by studying history that all things were not meant to go on forever. They did their growth. They weren’t killed off by meteors. It was in their DNA that they could not go on forever. They became unable to reproduce. This was part of their growth. Meteors have hit your planet and there was darkness. There have been these great hurtling stones that have hit your planet–a great and wonderful circle. They are a part of the original beginning of all physical planets in your spheres. Debris, you might call them. They hit your planet and dinosaurs were affected but it was never intended that they would continue forever. Their spirit growth had taken place.

Not everything must go on forever. Dinosaurs still exist in soul form, just as you exist, as a fraction of Mother Energy. Just because their physical body doesn’t roam your plane, they have not disappeared. They exist as energy. They moved on to have other existences. Their energy has become united with others. Think about the growth these beings have created for other beings, paleontologists and others. Circles within circles. Dinosaurs weren’t just by chance; they had their purpose for their own growth and for the growth of others. It’s always for growth.

Tell this blessed one to keep seeking. Their inquisitive mind is wondrous and will help them move through a very happy path.

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  1. kgeldart September 29, 2007 at 5:23 pm - Reply

    Thank you so much for this response – this is very helpful and I completely understand what I need to do.I have some concern about ovulation. Can you please tell my why ovulation is so difficult for me and what I can do about it?I love you and thank you!Kristine

  2. Suzanne P October 4, 2007 at 10:48 am - Reply

    Dear Jane and Joanna,Thanks so much for this opportunity to receive assistance with my parenting.I wish to address an issue with my son Jaden who is upsetting some of his teachers with his behaviour. He seems to be struggling with focusing on school tasks that are reqiured of him. So I’d be so interested to know how the spirit world views this. thanks to all involved. Lots of LOVE, Suzanne P.

  3. Kristine Geldart October 12, 2007 at 9:23 am - Reply

    Hi Jane and Joanna, I have a burning question about my son, Robert and his fixation of routines being in a certain order. I am deeply concerned about the resulting behaviour if things don’t go his way. What can I do to help find a positive result? I love you and I thank you!

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