Concerned Mum – Is my son being supported by staff or pushed too hard in school, and will he become happier with peers or should I intervene more?  How else can I support him in feeling confident and growing?

Firstly, by stop worrying.  You have always worried child.  You have seen many of the very wonderful aspects that he shall learn to grow through as burdens.   How to support a child when he has difficulties in the world is just to simply see him, and remind  him that he is loved , that he can always rise above any situation to make it work for him.  Speak with respect and love to this being as an equal.  No, not the heavy details of life and support, but allow a child this wonderful growing time, but of the magic of who he be and that anything is possible. Develop the wonder and imagination for this is the greatest tool that any being needs in the world so full of fear, so filled with  rules and regulations.  Speak to him  that he can fit into any box that they expect him to.  But in his truth and in his knowing of himself that he is greater than any of it.  Speak to him that it is almost like playing a game, fulfilling that that they expect, knowing that his secret wonder and power is his and his alone and he will grow greater than it.  Do not worry, blessed one. Be there as a strong source but know that he can do great things.  Trust, for he has also come to teach you as well.