Evolved beings have lives of great intensity of feelings

The Thinker  writes:

Dear Guides

In response to my previous posts you’ve said that I sometimes feel very lost, unhappy and that I feel that I do not belong anywhere…. and this is true.  Why do I feel this way, and find it so difficult to ‘be’ and know ‘who I am’?  I feel a fraud within my own skin and that I wear so many faces with different company, yet I am not sure which one is truly ME.  Plus I constantly worry about being betrayed by the few friends I have.

You recently said ‘Every time you seek to find that blessed teacher you will feel as if segregated again.  Know that that voice of light and love within you is a good being’…. Please can you explain further as I don’t fully understand.

Also please can you tell me is my son happy and does he know how loved he is?  He is very sensitive and caring and says he has an invisible friend called ‘Harry’.  I wonder if in fact ‘Harry’ is a child in spirit, and if so I hope he has found the light.

Thank you for all of your guidance and advice.


The guide’s response:

Dear, dearest one, you are an old soul, but like the nursery rhyme an old soul is not a merry, old soul.  Being an evolved being creates a life time of great intensity of feelings.  You have  a feeling of not finding a lot of similar vibrations or beings to befriend, a feeling of frustration of: here we go again that the world does not understand.

But it does not mean that you will always be sad.  And you do find moments of sheer bliss–at looking at something quite amazing in your physical world, at the color, the scent, at being present and seeking your teacher, that you become one with.  You have great wisdom within, and it is that wisdom that connects to the greater spirit, the oneness of all love, of all growing.   You want to know how to find this and yet you have moments of bliss where you know you are one with it.

The world will bring you to places of sadness.  But often that that you think about your friends as being somewhat fearful of losing them, is the creation in your own mind.  This comes from words you heard as a child about having to work to be worthy of a friend, or being good to be worthy of love.  Try to re-write these words in your conscious mind.  When those thoughts come in, say “no, I am love and they love me and I love them.  There will be growth but all will be good.”

Old beings, evolved beings of high vibration, often have the ability to feel and sense past existences and promises completed–and this is why you will experience certain things for you will know it intensely with every part of your being.  When you see a situation that you have lived and been in, you will know exactly how it feels from all aspects–from the receiving, the giving, and now the watching.  So do not be worried if tears spring to your eyes, or if the great heaviness of loneliness feels upon you.

Vibrations such as yours often want to re-unite with the great one as they feel the heaviness of the physical body but know that they must complete this.  For the journey they often take in the physical world is one to help others grow.  Worry not of its truth or understanding at this point, but know that you are in the right direction, dearest one.

As to your blessed child, of course.  Of course, this imaginary friend is in the imagination–that is where it can be received and understood.  Imagination is his truth and understanding that a being is there that he helps and that being helps him. As to going to the light, that one is always in the light.  That one is a guide, a being of light, and will always be.  Children often see their guides and these are often wonderful playmates for a child that sometimes has a difficulty starting out in the physical dimension.  Nothing to worry, about, only to rejoice.

Bless you my child for your light and your being.

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  1. The Thinker March 30, 2011 at 2:22 pm - Reply

    Thank you truly for your response. I hope the future will bring more moments of ‘bliss’ and less of the rest x

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