Your career is your expression of the joy within

Moe 40 writes:

Hi friends! how are you? Only wanna know if i will find a good job soon? Financially it’s been very difficult . It’s hard to have a life with no money or no job. I’m so ready to start a new life this year.  

The guide’s response:

You have life, my dearest one, you have life.  You breathe, you see, you touch and you can affect other beings perhaps and yours by being out amongst them.  See it not as a place to attain money, but a place to express who you need to be, a joy, bliss, a wonderment, to find yourself.

Sometimes you can just start out by offering your services and get to know the people.  You need to talk more to people.  You are a wonderful, wonderful communicator and you can do very well in this situation. It will find you opening doors left and right if you just simply stop seeing it as a burden but as an amazing experience.  A certain excitement should fill you with the wonder of what it will manifest.  Be the wonder in you instead of the lack.  See the positive in you instead of the, oh dear… the have not.

You have all that is necessary to attain everything you want.  I know you want me to say go down to the store, turn left and walk three blocks and there it is. But that is not what this is about my dear friend.  It is about finding your expression of God in your world. Now, what does that mean?  It means the light that is within you.  Think of yourself as an artist and how will you express that passion within you.  That is what your job should be, what your career should be. It will manifest money if you allow that to be and should be joyful; it doesn’t always have to be difficult.


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  1. BL March 31, 2012 at 10:48 pm - Reply

    I am wondering why I have recently had what the doctor has termed bursitis and tendonitis in my arm. It is so incredibly painful. Can you advise how to rid my body of this and is it possibly due to stress? I eat healthy, I excercise and meditate. I try and do all the right things and am perturbed that I have this. I am in the throes of buying a house with my partner and am wondering if there are blocks from this? Please help and thank you

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