To attract love, be the light that you are

Curious 1 writes:

What actions must I take to attract romantic love & open my heart? As I seem to lack the ‘spark’ to attract others (and have ‘blinded’ the few with brightness that did notice me), I have not made the effort to find love for many years, and it has not found me. TG would be perfect, and I am both inspired and attracted, however I realise we are worlds apart! L has no interest, plus I feel like I have little to offer these days. I put my energy into working hard and being a good parent but I miss romantic company. Please can the spirit world ‘guide’ love in my direction ? Also will my finances increase and put me in a position of independence in the next 12 months? Many thanks.

The guide’s response:

Do you know that your light sustains you?   It is seen far and wide.  Know that you don’t need to lasso anyone.  Know that the beings that need to be with you shall come.  And that goes for monies as well.  When one understands one’s true beauty and light and worth, one asks for its worth, sees its worth and expects its worth.  Dear one, you go in with the attitude that you are not worth many of those things you ask for.  Know that you are the only one who can change this.  Make a shift.  Recreate a thought.  Be the light you are and it shall shine far and wide and not knock anyone over.  Bless you my child for it is yours to have.

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  1. curious1 July 25, 2012 at 1:08 am - Reply

    Thank you Ladies and Guides, I am always grateful for the useful, positive advice and guidance that you provide x

  2. curious1 July 25, 2012 at 2:05 am - Reply

    Dear guides . . .Why has my ‘friend’ not contacted me, and how does he ‘feel’ about our recent meeting? His conversation showed growth, but his life remains ‘care-free’ (HIS path, his choice!). Did a shift take place between us? as it feels that way. It was nice to catch-up, but felt forced at times, as if things were thought but left unsaid. Is his lack of effort, a reflecton of his thoughts/feelings about me, or due to something more complex? (it’s fine to be blunt). Many thanks.

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