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IMG_6416We have our new website up but sadly we are unable to retrieve the posts between November 23, 2012 and January 14, 2013.  We have the transcripts and will be reposting some of them here over the next while.  If you had an answer to a personal question posted during this time we can provide one if you like.  Just send us a note to and we can send you a copy. 

Here is a message posted in late december about speaking your truth:

What information can you share that will be of the highest help for us at this time? 

It is important now to be that that you are.  For every choice you have, make sure it is the highest choice you could make.  Before you speak, before you act, be still and search your being to see if you are answering or acting from that part of you that is your deepest truth.  Living like this may feel somewhat artificial or even fearful, know that to act in the highest is the most important now.  Time and time again, we, not only of those of us in the light, but many that are present in your physical world have beseeched you, the ancient ones to speak your truth, to step forward in their time of darkness.  There is no saint that is in control of your physical world.

But it means if there is a very new wave of unevolved beings in control that does not mean they are truly negative, but the opportunity for it is greater, simply because these beings have not yet learned of growth. They are still beings of great light, mother energy, God or whatever words you wish to use.   They are new in their beginnings and it must happen every thousand years or so.

Do you mean the overturn of souls?

Well, this state that you are all in now does not happen every thousand years.  But to some degree every thousand years there is a new influx of beings and new understandings must be brought forward.

This prepares a place in which you have all worked for and has occurred quite by chance.  This has brought the attention of not only the dimension I and many others dwell in, which we like to refer to as the light, although there be many more dimensions that are now focused upon you.

You see, you are from the only dimension that you feel you have not yet the ability to see across the many, the others are aware of you.

Do you mean others in spirit, or do you mean other beings on other planets?

Anything that is of the planet is the same element in which you are in, within the dimensions of spirit.

To give you an understanding it might be, that perhaps the tips of the roots of the tree does not understand the whole of the green of the leaf.  But that leaf knows that that tip of that root must bring forth nutrients and water.  Do you see what I say?   You are not at the bottom of the rung.  But years of growing point from which you will spring from and you evolve.

Where does new energy come from?

Mother energy, God, Tao.  It is a birth that occurs. It has been present in your sphere of physical domain for a very long time, beyond my understanding of time.

Spinning off new souls…

Like the most magnificent lace, recreates layer upon layer with more intensity.  You will see this over and over again in your world.

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