Makin’ the vibrations

M – I have a question about the jazz guitar I am learning. Is this is a route for spiritual growth for me? It is a lot of work but I do have heart for it, just am wondering what the guides would say about this in terms of the essential vs the non essential activities I do. It could take up a lot of my time and needs commitment.

Dearest, dearest one, you are so conscious and conscientious.  You are so responsible for your being. There is much light around you and much love for you.  You are a true healer in every sense of the word.  You give the whole of your being to those that need your help.  And those that you are not even aware you are helping, you help them to find a voice.  And through this path you have learned to find a voice for yourself.  Music is one of these voices for you, blessed one.  So any way you wish to follow it is good for you.  It helps you to think aloud through the music you create.  You see the voice in your world does not always have to have heavy or light words.  It does not always have to have truth.  Sometimes it is just about making the vibrations.  The vibrations comes from your vibrations.  Follow your heart blessed one.  There is very little you do that isn’t for the growth of your being.  In fact, nothing.  Much love for you blessed one.

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  1. Kevin Gillese September 22, 2011 at 9:17 pm - Reply

    I paid just now, but still don’t quite understand the nature of asking this question. The question I have for my guides is to do with my foot: what is causing this problem, and how can I solve it/assist its healing? If they are able to give help, I will much appreciate it. Thank you, Jane. Kevin

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