Maintaining balance


When we choose from a soul level to walk with love and we are surrounded by others with many different energies, fear or upset, how do we be with them while not losing our own center?

It will happen when you are least expecting it, that is when you will be distorted by another’s energies.

If you are consciously aware of their state of being and the out pour of your being to them surrounds them in light, they cannot distort you.  Do not be so guarded that you cannot be open.  Identify it when another being distorts you.    No, I don’t believe you could say “you’ve distorted me.”   But you could say” I feel you are upset, speak to me. “   Do not own what is theirs.  Do not do their growing for them.

Yet, if your state of being is one of strength and love you will maintain your center.

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  1. Donna November 15, 2012 at 6:24 pm - Reply

    BL – have 2 men in my life and am wondering if either one of them is the one I should look to have a future with. I have invested money with one and am wondering if that is a sound financial decision and could possibly move into a romantic relationship and the other one I have invested alot of time with. I am feeling that I really want to live with a man and have a partner. Are either one of these men right for me or is there another amazing man that is coming into my life?
    Thank you so much for your assistance. Many blessings

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