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Jane Kennard, a gifted psychic who lives in Victoria, British Columbia, has developed her intuitive gifts over the past three decades. She is well known as a clear channel for spirit guides. 

jane22Jane has a unique ability to connect with many different spirit guides and invite them to speak through her. The words of wisdom and unconditional love offered by these beautiful beings of light are available here on this website.

The spirit guides have answered hundreds of questions asked by people like you.  Recent posts are listed on the sidebar at the right.  You can use the Search function at the top of the sidebar to explore topics of interest to you.


A blessing of welcome and love from the spirit guides:

Bless you all for being, for being willing to seek and being willing to speak to those of us.

Ask. Ask for yourselves, ask for your growth. This is what opens the doors for you and for those beings of spirit that are with you. Bless you all.

Do you have a question for the spirit guides?

You can ask a personal question for just $20 and the guide’s response will be posted in the Library of Readings. We also offer the opportunity for private readings of up to six questions for $100. The guides words will be transcribed and sent directly to you at your email address. We also invite you to ask a general question about spiritual issues, the physical world or non-personal topics. These questions are complimentary and will be brought forward to the guides as time permits. These answers will also be posted in the Library. Here are details on how to ask your questions: Ask a question

More information on the spirit guides

Here the guides explain who they are, where they come from and how they help us: Meet the spirit guides

Introducing Jane and her circle

Find out about Jane and her abilities as well as the people who work with her: Jane and her circle

The Library of Readings

Take time to explore the years of messages from the spirit guides, covering a vast range of interests and concerns.  You can look at the most recent posts on the sidebar. Or you can explore one or more of the categories listed at the bottom of the page.  And if you’re looking for words on a specific topic, just type it into the Search Box to bring up every post with that word in it.

Public events

Jane has shared the teachings of the spirit guides in public venues from time to time. Here you can see short videos from two live events: Jane channeling And here is a transcript from an event held in Victoria in November of 2013 where audience members asked questions of the guides that spoke through Jane: November 29, 2013

Listen to the guides on our CD

You can order our audio CD and hear the words of the spirit guides as channeled by Jane. This recording offers the experience of being in the presence of the guides and hearing them speak. Session 1: You are not alone