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Circles within Circles

and the Victoria Metaphysical and Intuitive Group

September 13, 2013   Victoria, BC

Joanna (J) – Hello, welcome.  I believe you are the guide that comes quite often to our chanelling sessions. Is this correct?

Guide (G) – yes, my dear.

J – We are with a group of spiritual seekers.  Is there anything you would like to say to the group?

G – Beautiful, beautiful people.  What gentle beings. How wondrous, how might I help?

J – First maybe I can begin by asking how people can be in touch with their own spirit guides or guardians and how to develop their own abilities. Can you speak generally about that?

G – Every being here has a certain understanding of a being that is with them. They don’t often assume that it is their own, but a sense, a feeling, a tingling of your skin, a presence, an energy.  It seems to me that each of you is open enough to sense the presence of another being.

Beings of assistance, or guides as you call us, have an energy that is always compatible with you, familiar. That is why you might sense a tingling, a tightness in your belly.  Some have even said “I just had a hunch.”

To develop your own lines of communication with beings of spirit is completely an individual act.  If you are a writer perhaps, you will write a question and wait to hear an answer that might come from the end of the pen, or might simply be present in your conscious mind.  There are those of you that would like confirmation through pennies and butterflies, etc.  We have been asked many times for these different creatures, when in fact, you just need to be still and you will sense the presence of the being that loves you infinitely and is there for your growth.  And through your growth they grow. It is a continuum.  You are not alone in this work.

Question (Q) – I want to know when my purpose will be revealed?

G – Blessed one, your purpose has already been revealed to you many times over.  You have a great desire to cure all and aid all situations around you to a point that you are now a bit frustrated with everything because you have an understanding that each being must do their own work.  But you have set seeds in motion already.  You might think that it does not have a great banner over which you walk under.  But you have presence amongst many that have healed many.

You are inquisitive and you demand truth.  Oh, so few in your world now want truth. They want no responsibility, no truth, but you do.  And this you teach through a manner of how you be. Oh, you can proceed and take many classes and have different plaques, and all number of different categories how you might consider yourself, but in truth, your purpose had begun a long time ago when you stopped and saw.

The process began when you saw the whole of a being, not just an act, or action, or the words that came through their mouth; when you began to see the whole of them. It is already in process, my dear.

Q – Is she on the right path?  Are there other lessons I need to learn?

G – Of course you are on the right path, my dear, and of course there are more lessons to learn. It is never just one lesson, dearest one.   And many that you might think are one have many degrees within them.  You will visit the same lesson over and over again until you see you are much more evolved then when you first visited it.

You, my dear, need to find some inner strength to be who you are, to not hide your being, your strength.  You are a beautiful being.  Don’t be afraid of your own power, your own energy.

You can use different manner and means to create an atmosphere for your reading.  It matters not if they be cards, stones or bones.  Beings in your world have used every manner of thing just simply to take away the onus of the fact that you want them to open, to help them.  You are on the right path.

Q – Do you happen to know the name of my highest guide?

G – At this time, my dear, you have sixteen beings with you.  You have an archangel.  But one is laughing and the last physical life her name used was Jennifer.  But that is not what you are seeking.  When you are having the greatest difficulty they will help you.

Gabriel will always be there for you.  You also have a Native being.  It seems in spirit those who have walked the lifetime of Native hold on to it for a very long time.  That is with you as well, my dear. You must be a healer.

2nd Guide – we refer to this direct and humorous guide as the Professor

Q – What is the best way for me to help other people?

G – For you, it isn’t what everyone else would want to do, perhaps.  But for you, to hold the space, to fill it with love, even if you want to strangle somebody that you are listening to (gentle laughter), to just hold it and fill it with love.

If they are completely off course and shaking and out of control, a touch, your power is very strong, a touch of your hand upon their arm.  Look very intimately into their being into their eyes; do not be afraid to see.  Oh, most beings that are in great difficulty and pain just need to be seen that they are in pain.  And you can do this.

You have a wonderful sense of humour too and you should always use that.  It often disarms and humour has its own healing qualities.  It would be very helpful for you to do that.  Try to help them to forget, be alone with you in the instant of love and light. This is healing.

Q – How do we know that we have a guide?

G – You are here, aren’t you?  (Gentle laughter).  Who do you think got you here?  Yes, my dear, all beings have one and some have many at a time.  It is a love that is greater than mother and father.  It is a love that is greater than….well, it is a pure form of love to be a guardian of another being.

I have forgotten how wet the human body is; there are moments like this it does remind me.  You all have guides, guardians, angels, spirits a special being that is with you, guiding you, helping you.  You could live an entire wonderful lifetime without ever tuning into them but they will greet you when you leave, when you enter the dimension of spirit and you would know them instantly for the energy is compatible with yours.

You all have different energies but your guardians, they hum along with you.  You can ask your guide to show you if you wish.  And just like you are speaking to anyone say “show me your presence, I need to know it and I wish to see it in an unexpected way.”  Not that you need to fall into a great ravine or anything, but you need to see it in a more concrete way and that is completely acceptable. It is a communication you will have only with your entities, or guides.  It is not our job to terrify you; it is our job to help you.

Q – Will I be staying here? Is this my home?

G – Not in this auditorium, my dear (laughter).  I know you are wondering, a feeling of very disconnected and wondering where it is you need to be to feel one with all.  You haven’t gone through them all; there are others to meet yet.

You long to travel. Perhaps it is from your past life where you were very much a wandering being.  You travelled many sands and put up a tent wherever you needed it and could make it very comfortable.  Perhaps this may not be something you wish to know about, but you can create home wherever you are.

So, if you decide to make this your home, it can be.  But the love you need is what you are seeking and that you need to be fairly still in one place to meet.  There are three beings you have yet to meet.  Sorry if I speak too much.

Q – I’m just wondering if each of us has a life purpose and if we do I would like to know what mine might be.

G – A life purpose, why is it that you all want that written in stone, hang it around your neck and drag it around with you?  (gentle laughter).  Why can’t your purpose just to BE and experience the wonder of the physical world?  That each moment you share with another and exchange love or happiness or whatever it is; or even if it is a negative experience to feel it, grow from it and move through it.

You see, many of you, you being one of them, came through a time before, another lifetime, where it was very crucial there was a war, a lot of fighting and life was very much on the line.  And so now you find yourself wandering around saying I have no one to save or hide in an attic anywhere, so what do I do now?  BE.  Be and teach what you be, the trust you have in life.

Now, if you are talking about the way one makes money in your world that is a very different thing. The exchange is a necessary part of the physical world and I understand this.  But as to your purpose, BE, blessed one.  Speak of the light and love that is there for all.  Give confidence to a time when your world is filled with fear.  That is a great purpose.

My goodness there are noises in your world, are there not?  (Rifflandia concert noise).

If only you could hear it in a spiritual understanding.  I can’t imagine dancing to that one (laughter).

Q – I have a dear friend who is preparing to pass over and how does one explain to one that doesn’t have an understanding of that beautiful transition?

G – Well, dearest one, it is very hard to create truth and understanding for another being. You can only do it by what you live and how you speak.  And you can speak on what you believe shall be.  And I shall tell you something quite interesting; that no matter what you it is you believe, you will experience that at first when you cross over.

If you believe there will be nothing, then you will be quiet and still and there will be nothing for a while until your beings (guides) come to assist you. It is part of free will.  It is part of being in a body; it is part of this dimension, the power of the belief.

So, for this one you may speak firstly, there is no death, there is only transformation. You will leave the heaviness of your physical body and you will travel into a time of knowing and learning and having beings around you that you have known forever and that you will be very comforted.

Some beings, to be honest, do have pain as they exit if they have not felt complete with their physical life.  It is always very good to ask them if they have anything they need to talk about, even if it is very painful.  If you resolve those things before you enter into that time you do no experience the pain, you experience the light.  Does that help you, my dear?

Yes, have I been able to get through to him?

I would like to say yes, my dear, but he has been just putting up with you now.  And that is alright; do not feel that is a bad thing. He loves your company.

Will he suffer long?

That is up to him, my dear; He will go when he is ready.  I thank you for your compassion and acceptance.

Q – I seem to be in turmoil right now about who my guides are as I have not been able to make contact with them because of stress.  Is there a changing of the guards, my guides, and will I be able again to access them as I have once done for many years?

G – You are very right to assume that there can be a changing of the guards.  You do enter into different times of growth and learning.  You will experience new beings (guides) coming to be with you, this was already set in process.

When one is in the greatest time of learning you will often feel the most separated from those beings that help you.  It doesn’t mean they are not there.  It means it is your turn. You must grow, you must ask for yourself and you must choose for yourself.

You are very frustrated.  You do not see that that lies ahead.  There is a great, great wondrous, joyous event in your life. Not yet there, but not far.  I know I am not good with time.

Now, my dear, I am not dismissing you.  I am saying just be calm, be still.  Know that you are not alone, that you have beings with you.  These beings are not new, they are ancient, and you are doing some great learning right now.  Part of learning sometimes is feeling the separateness of being in a body, a frustration of its limitations, feeling its whole sense of being, and how wonderful it is to hold you. It holds you like the finest perfume.  You are an essence of what that beautiful body holds.  But it can cause you difficulty from time to time. Don’t be frustrated. Embrace the frustration. It is what makes you so creative.

Q – Are there any messages from my deceased parents?

G – One moment, dear. There is a need for you to be stronger.  They want you to be stronger about your needs, that you allow people to walk over you, especially a certain person.  They love that person too, but it is time that you stood up for yourself.  This is your parents, my dear; this is not a guide speaking to you.

And there is something about money, something about putting away money. I think there is something coming to you from one of them.  It might be hard to understand that, but it still is possible.

Q – I feel like I’ve had so much grief and loss in my life.  And I feel like I am just starting to shift it to some degree and I would really appreciate some insight or encouragement.

G – Yes, you have done beautifully.  You have held strong to the love and the belief and the truth of who you be.  Encouragement – you know that you have done well.  Some of the actions toward you were not necessary and were very hurtful.  But some, you willingly wanted to be present, to help.

Encouragement, my dear, is to know that you are doing a beautiful, beautiful path, that you have never complained, that you have embraced it and loved all beings, even when that has not been returned to you.

Healing in your world is bandied about as some sort of, well, substance that you slather on a wound and you can walk away and be fine.  In truth, if you understand what healing means, you absorb all that that has occurred. That is how you learn from it. It becomes part of you; you don’t separate from it and forget it.

And when it totally is part of you, the pain is not as strong, and it gives you wisdom when you recognize that pain again in another person.  And because you have walked with so much sadness and pain, others are attracted to you with their sadness and their pain because you know it, you have a common energy.

So, don’t be surprised that there are times when you think enough!  I’ve had too much of this!  It is because your light radiates that.  It is up to you to draw it into the light to make it a happier, a higher energy.  Do I ask too much?  No, not of you.  You can indeed heal.  Bless you. Bless you all.

Q – I was wondering if it is in my highest and greatest good that I should pursue a relationship with my Father, or not, because it seems very toxic at times.

G – Do you know about promises, dear?  Do you know about coming into a life with a certain task to learn from someone, or you yourself to learn by yourself?  This Father and you have lived together before (past life).  Your frustration with him is because he is acting like a child and you being the adult. That is because that is how it was before.

To pursue, you cannot but pursue it, you cannot just walk away and completely forget. This being is your Father in this lifetime and there is a part of you that is damn well determined to fix it. But, it is also up to him.  So, there is only so much you should do.  And when you are exhausted and drained and feel that you have done your best, and then walk away.

Try to always have communication. Always put the words out there. Do not ever assume that he is sensitive enough to know how you feel.  Not. Not that one.

But it is alright to love him and let him be.

Q – I have a Mother who is very artistic and musical and talented.  She now has Alzheimer’s.  I just wonder what is going on in her head for her and it is very difficult to reach her. I sing to her but I am curious as to what is going on for her?

G – It is as if she is trapped in another world and that world changes every day. The synapses in the brain are not communicating anymore.  She is not in touch with parts of her memory, or her consciousness as you are.

But she is not suffering.  She is quite happy in that world and don’t think that you must always attend to her because that is not necessary. She is in a world that is entirely hers right now.  She is creating every moment of it. You know that you create your own reality and she has done that.  Yes, she will still like music and she will still sit and tap and paint in a way that she never ever could have.

And don’t feel sad about this. It is a state that occurs for some beings. And there may still yet be a conscious moment when she will be able to speak with you but don’t expect it. When the brain when it has been in that state has many scars in it and they are very thick.  But love her.

Q – I have incarnated to a very bizarre family for me.  I have trouble with my family of origin and I have trouble with the earthlings and the earthly world and all I want is to go home, up here.  I was wondering if you can help me.

G – Not yet (gentle laughter). You may be having all of that trouble with everyone, but it is not time yet.  You have actually a very long promise that you have yet to do. You have toyed with it time and time again, but you keep turning away from it.

I know I am not supposed to tell you what you are going to do…but I am going to.

You need to write.  You need to put down your experiences.  You need to write your feelings about all of that because this dimension needs it.  And don’t worry about how that is all going to take place, just start.  And in your process of doing this you will probably going to be so surprised that you like yourself. Because that is what you need to do.  There are others that feel the same way as you and they will come and be with you.

It is not uncommon to find that you are out of sync with everybody in your world. Some beings are in such a hurry to get back into the physical life then they get here and go what am I doing here?  They realize that they are not in their other life and don’t know which one they are in as it doesn’t fit and it is very complicated.  Usually, you don’t have anything in common with your family, but you will find eventually they might be a lot younger, but you will meet people that you feel one with.  Remember free will.  It is one of the most important elements about being in a body, even a little body like this one.

Q – I am currently writing a book at this moment and responding to my calling. I am very conscious that we are in a lot of transition right now on the planet from values to beliefs and perceptions.  And I certainly struggle within that bridge. Do you have any advice or guidance to this time of transition?

G – Yes.  Believe it or not you all came willingly to be present at this time.  There are many names for it, the Overturn of Souls.  There are very many new beings and very many old beings and not so many middle-aged souls. Middle-aged souls love to be politicians and they are very good at it because they understand about balance and allowing people to grow. New souls are terrible politicians because they are feisty and fighting and old souls they would rather sit and look at their navel, unfortunately.

And right now everything is changing and everything is up in the air as you’ve all probably seen already.  Old ways are dying and new ways are coming up and being fought against the old ways.  This goes for religions, it goes for politics, it goes for boundaries and it goes for just about everything you see.

How to relate to it is that the old ways don’t teach anymore.  Now, it is a new form of understanding so it is time now to write again, to put down your truths and say what you believe.  It doesn’t have to follow that that was.  You don’t learn from your history, you create your future.  And that is something many of you do not understand yet.

A – I feel that I have family members that have passed and come to me as guides.  They come and go for me and I feel very connected at some points.  I want to keep that connection and how do I know I am not making it up for my own entertainment?

G – Well, that would be very good thought, wouldn’t it?  You do have family members that visit you, but they are not your guides. They come out of love and concern, but mostly out of their own growth and their own needs at this time as they are still in a time of learning. But your guides are with you always and they help you with different elements of learning.

And how do you know you aren’t making it up?  Well, how do you know what once was imagination doesn’t become truth?  Every dream has to start somewhere.  Every plan begins as a dream.  There are parts in the mind that is very confusing even to even all of your favorite doctors now a days that they don’t understand the ability to envision and create. That is where your communication with your entities is (guides).  It can become physical if you wish it, but you need to ask for that.

And why would you create an information from spirit that took you a long time to do that and then not believe in it?  So, write it down.  Keep a diary.  Ask for confirmation.  If you want, ask for lights to be turned on and off.  It takes a lot of work, but if that is what you want then it can be done.

Q – A question about health

G – You are completely lacking in the B vitamins especially B12.  Your nervous system is very much strained and stressed. You need to expand and relax the very vertebrae in your spine.  You are also in an insulin reactive time which can cause some nerve damage.  You need to dance.

Q – A little off the topic, but I am looking for a husband.  I have been looking for a long time and feel I need a little help, or maybe there is a block?

G – There is not a block. There is great want.  Sometimes when you want too much, you block yourself, but that isn’t what is actually happening here.  You have not actually created a space in your life.  You are one of the busiest beings I have ever known.  In order to draw in a fine feathered mate, you must actually have time, open space.

There was one, but you decided no. Now there is actually another being they tell me.  But you are keeping that one at a distance.  So, you want something new?  Then I would suggest that you open your heart, your home, your place of being and welcome him in.  Envision yourself wrapping your arms around this wonderful being, kissing, loving, making love and you will create the energy that will draw him in.  He is circling right now.

Q – I’ve had many challenges in my life, not all positive.  I choose to be happy but how do I say to those people who say you chose those challenges?

G – You don’t need to respond to any of that.  If you are happy with how you be, then that is enough. It does not matter how they should ask or judge.  If you are doing what you need to do, you don’t need to respond to anyone.  Walk to your own song, my dear.

Q – During early 2012 I was visited regularly by my Father. On June 8th I died and passed over.  Since that time he has not visited me again. I would like to know if I should pursue seeing him again, or what is the current procedure? Is there a reason he has not contacted me again?  He was the one that sent me back.  I was very happy where I was and he said it was time to go but he never told me why.

G – You were very sad and you drew him close to help you.  Not consciously, spiritually. And so like a good Father he came and he helped you. And since that time you have chosen to live, to be and you are now taking care of your being, loving it.  It isn’t that he doesn’t think of you but you don’t need him now.  And the love is there and it grows, but he doesn’t need to be in your life, distracting you, from that that you need to do. That was a place in time out of space and time. You almost think about it now and wonder if it was all real.  That is exactly as it should be.  But it was real and he loved you and still does. You need to walk now into your own life and know that you have him at your back.

Q – What are the next steps I can take in healing my physical and mental health?

G – Laughter, dancing, walking, swinging around, being real physical, jumping up and down. And yes, that is the healthy thing to do.  To be filled with the joy of being physical.

Oh, I know you are going to have a billion different recipes, and diets, and pills and drinks and energies, just BE.  Do you know how much fun it is to be in a body? I don’t think you do.  I was a rather portly being, but I loved it!  (Audience laughter).

Q – When my son crossed over fourteen years ago, he channeled messages for many, many years and he stopped doing that now.  He sent me on this mission to create an orphanage in Peru.  Now I am feeling I need to find another partner.  Should I pursue finding a love partner to work this mission with me, or should I be doing it alone?

G – No, you should find a love partner to love you and forget about missions (laughter).

Yes, my dear you need to have that passion and love and lift. You know this idea that the two of you will walk happy out into the sunset, no, no.  You want someone who sparks a fire within you; someone that you can fight with and make love with.  You want someone who is very present and anchored for you because you are going to do all sorts of esoteric things. And God knows, somebody needs to hold you down.

Q – I have a very young son and is there a being nearby and is this someone that I would know.

G – Your son’s guide is talking to him and yes, it is one that you know. The guide’s vibrational name is “eeeeeohhhh.”   Guides are neither male nor female.  (A guide may present as male or female, perhaps as an image that beings comfort or is familiar to you.)

J – Can you explain about vibrational names to these people?

G – Because we no longer dwell within bodies, or need to be identified by a name, we are pure energy. I can dwell within this one (Jane) for a small time, but I do find it is getting very uncomfortable.   We have a vibration, it is a sound and that is what we are known by to each other, simply by a sound. There is such sound in this dimension of spirit.  We don’t use words, we use sounds.  That is how I can speak this language that you understand because this body knows that language.  But I could actually speak any language because I am only sound. That is why I say be happy in those bodies as you will miss it.

Q – A number of years ago I was gifted with a message from spirit that has to do with healing the planet and humanity.  I’ve had a lot of problems getting out to share that message.  I don’t know where to do it, how to do it and I don’t even hear my guides any more.

G – They are leaving that work up to you.  You are a little nervous of it. You’ve been through a few witch hunts in past existences so I’m not surprised they will hang you or burn you at the stake or something.  But there is a part of you that is strong enough to do this to send this message out.  You have a great compassion for this world too. You wish to feed the world and help it and nurture it.

Take one thing.  You don’t need to take the whole of everything but just begin slowly.  I don’t believe they have any more witch hunts so I think you will be quite safe now.

Q – I feel like I have been stuck for a long time.  How do I get unstuck?

G – I don’t see you stuck, my dear.  I see you frustrated, I see you bored.  But you are not stuck; there is no glue on your shoes.  You are bored and you are frustrated and you want a change of venue.  That you can do!  You can simply go to a place where there are many books, walk along the aisles and have one fall out at your feet.  Pick it up and open up a new world to you. There are so many avenues you can walk in.  You are a jack of all trades.

Don’t be so analytical and work it over and over, just let it flow.  You know what I’m saying.  Life does not have to be a terrible chore. In fact, it is a wonderful blessing.  I must let another speak (guide).

Last guide – this beautiful high guide often comes to our Circles gathering and we refer to this one as the Teacher.

Q – I have a thirteen and sixteen year old that has experienced significant losses.  I worry about my sixteen year old son.  Is he going to be okay or is there anything more I can do?

G – Blessed Mother, the simple fact that you see him and worry of him is a wonderful thing.  Sixteen year olds don’t know who they are, or how they begin to be.  Their rules for being are so rigid. This one feels if he gives into these emotions and feelings that he will fall apart and not know where base is.  Just keep talking.  Keep loving.  Talk around him, talk beside him but don’t talk at him.  Let him come to this on his own and let it be heard when he does speak. Do not judge, just listen. You are right to worry.  He is feeling very confused.

The younger one, the younger one will be quite an amazing being.  Not that the older one isn’t, but there is a very clear spiritual path of the heart.  The older one will struggle for a while, but with you and your strength he will be alright.

Q – I backed away from the experience of chanelling because of a discomfort.  Is this something I should continue to open up to? I had an experience that wasn’t negative but because it was shocking.

G – Yes, your vibration is very much able to bring through spirit, to allow the energies to flow through you.   You find yourself just being with other people and you will feel their  energy through your whole being.  Let it begin gently and slowly.  There are some ways, there are some hypnotic avenues you could take to form trust within yourself that you are not going to disappear.  But mostly, create communion with spirit and know that they will never harm you.  If they wish to speak through you it will be to help another being and that you would do a fine gift for them.

Q – Can you speak about those that have chosen  to come through as clairvoyants or as psychic mediums?

G – Ancient being. Ancient beings are one with spirit.  They are in their deepest understanding know that their purpose is to help other beings grow and find strength.

They are nearly always evolved beings even if they don’t appreciate that.  If a being, being a new soul, decided to be a spirit walker, or a light walker as you might know them, it would be a very different experience. It would have a great deal of ego, a great deal of bravado and very little truth for anyone but the person who is doing the work.

So, it is wise, wise to make it be your truth before you step forward and that you are completely in a space of love and calm for you are so needed in your world.  Your world hungers to be loved, to be seen, to be heard. The new souls make a lot of noise, threats, posturing and the ancient ones sit back and go “oh no, here we go again” Help the new souls, grow, be, that is your job.

J – I believe we are just about out of time for questions.  Do you have any final words for the group?

G – From spirit, I tell you you are loved. I want you to feel the warmth around you.  That you are not alone, that you have many beings of light and love there to assist you, to help you,  to hold  you in your time of loneliness or sadness, to rejoice in your moments of joy and to very much see you in all of your wonder.  Bless you all.  You are loved.