Experiences with two birds

KF asks about her experiences with two birds.  She says, “Hello, can you please tell me what the significance of my experiences with the “two birds” is. It has been happening for months now and I am wondering if there is anything I should be doing that I am not or  – what it is they symbolize? I’m also wondering about the many single hawks that I have seen and Ravens that have been in my presence. Thank you and much love.”

This is a very wise being.  Evolved beings often communicate with all manner of the physical world.  The birds communicate with her and she with them.  These creatures are lights themselves.  They feel her pain; they want to communicate she is alright.  That she will have the love she wants and her time will be filled with happiness again, with a strong partner.


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  1. Anonymous October 26, 2009 at 7:48 pm - Reply

    When I was a child of about 7 years, I had a reoccuring dream for about 4-5 years. Gradually as I got older, the dream became less and less frequent. In this dream, all I remember is an intense fear, which I best describe now with words such as tortured, hopeless, grieved, or panicked. I could feel the walls closing in on me, the sound of voices screaming, and a feeling like my head was going to explode. I would be in a trance-like state during the dream, often sleep-walking. When I would wake up, I would not be able to describe the dream, or the feelings of fear, but only the knowledge that something terrible had just happened, something that was beyond my understanding at the time.I recently found out that my dad had the same type of reoccuring dream when he was a boy. What happened to me, to us? Was I experiencing some kind of trauma from a past-life? If you could please provide some answers for me, it would give me a lot of relief, as I have always been haunted as to why this went on for so many years. It was terrifying for me at the time, especially not being able to articulate to an adult what had happened, or even what those feelings meant.Thank you and much love, L.S. female mid-twenties

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