Communicating with spirit guides

Jeninacide has a question about communicating with her spirit guides. She says, “Sometimes I feel like they are right there waiting to answer but I can’t quite communicate with them yet.  Are they really there?  Do I need to listen more?  Do I need to listen better?  I feel like I am almost there–but not quite.”

The fact that you feel them there is your truth my dear.  They are there.  And the listening isn’t something you need to try harder; you need to try less.  Give them an unconscious task: ask them for a sign.  This is something every guide is thrilled to do, to create a path of conversation between the two.  It helps their job a great deal and helps yours as well.  Do not be afraid of this.  They are not there to watch you.  It’s about nothing except your spiritual growth.

Ask them to present something.  It doesn’t really matter what it is.  Why, the little one I speak to when she was very young asked for the sign of a butterfly.   Let a butterfly come or some thing that has meaning only to you.  And you set this task for them that they let you know they be there—then just sit back and wait.  It’s not a lot of work.  To hear them in time is just to simply relax and trust and welcome the warmth of their being.  You’re feeling it already my dear one.

Oh there are some that will work out channeling; there are some that will evolve to writing the question and receiving the answer.  There are some that will go into a place of books and a book will be present and they will open it to the words   they need to receive.

You will seek out your way of communication my dear and it will be yours and yours alone.  As unique as you are, so will be your way of communicating with them.

Sometimes we’re actually waiting to hear words.

And some people do, but usually it’s only under great frustration on the part of the entity trying to communicate.  And if you do hear a word very loudly, I would say: listen.

And what about dreams?

Dreams are most often playing out of many things that perhaps are bothering the conscious mind and it filters through to the subconscious area of the brain.   .  They are ways of playing over and trying to decide what is right or choices that need to be made, or how you would react in certain instances.  Remember in a dream each being is the creation of the dreamer.

There is a time though, before dreams—just before sleep and just before waking,  before you go into the deep wavelengths where the healing happens in the brain and the healing thoughts are there.  This is a receptive time, sometimes called a twilight time.  This is often a time when you can receive information.  And if you choose to and make it clear that you want to remember this, you can often get up and write it down.  Or write a question as you go of to sleep and then remember the answer.  Most times you don’t remember these communications but you’ll have a knowing about it.

Yes I’ve experienced that.  Sometimes I just get a glimpse of something and then it’s gone before I can put word to it. 

But you have absorbed it.  It isn’t meant for your conscious mind; it is meant for your spirit.


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  1. larry October 15, 2009 at 8:55 am - Reply

    I recently have come to understand more of the gift that I have and doors are opening for me. The growth and knowledge that I can share is a true gift, I love this and feel good doing my work. In the past it has caused great problems but now I have a grip on this and live a better life of mind, body, and spirit. The only thing that bothers me is that I need improvemnet with my emotions. Although much better… Is there any insight for me to cope w/relationships and exepting the fact that she or they may not be able to feel or express things the way can? I wouldn’t want anything to hinder my process of self betterment, though I feel almost as if I can easily fall apart if not extremely careful and that scares me because I want to be the person I know I can be without the distractions of love and the hurt that comes with it… but I also want a meaningful relationship in my life. It just seems that I can never understand the way people can be and they can never understand me. Any insight is greatly wishes,Larry

  2. Anonymous October 27, 2009 at 5:15 am - Reply

    “There are some that will go into a place of books and a book will be present and they will open it to the words they need to receive.”Thank you. I’ve received an answer in this dialogue.Nadia B

  3. Anonymous October 27, 2009 at 6:09 am - Reply

    Spirit sends us signs in all ways, its our job to notice them… I just started writing a book not too long ago (maybe 2weeks)and i wrote something so very similar to what you just said about going into a place of books and finding what we need to recieve… I know now that what I am writing will help someone one day like the words of others helped me…thank you,larry

  4. Anonymous October 30, 2009 at 1:18 pm - Reply

    I have a spirit guide who communicates with me on a daily basis. I am in a difficult situation at the moment in that I am married and have been having a relationship with a girl who is also married, for the past year and a half.There have been some incredible “highs” and some very low “lows”. Throughout it all, especially during the lows, my guiding spirit simply says “it will happen”.I have learnt so much about life through my guiding spirit and I now appreciate that there are things going on around us that are beyond our control and comprhension, but are there nevertheless.I am now at a tipping point in my relationship and things have to change, one way or the other. My guide tells me that the relationship has her blessing and also the blessing of my girlfriends guiding spirit. And “it will happen”.I trust in what I am being told, but then one element missing is “when”.I would dearly like to know whether we are talking in days, weks, months or years. Can you help?AnthonyManchester, England

  5. Balach seachd December 19, 2009 at 12:25 pm - Reply

    HaighMy question isn’t really related to a relationship, but to something of a different nature which many of us want to know ( I think). How does the brain work?? :S:SWhy is it that scientists/neurologists can create spiritual sensations, and why is it that they seem to be so sure that all this proves that spirites are illusinations and just brain products? I’m on the right path.. but these guys seem to flatten my belief system to ashes, saying that love, laughter etc are all just chemicals in our brain.. i guess they are to an extent, but until someone explains it, I don’t feel as if I can reach my potential. I’m poetic, nature loving in my nature, I hope that once I stop nitpicking, I will be able to reach my full potential and love more.Love and blessingsLiindenn MacAoidh Pentecostii

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