Choose things closest to nature to support your lifestyle

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A conversation about plastic and man-made things that do not return to the natural state

I was wondering about the energy of plastics and these man-made things floating around in the ocean…

They are actually inert, they do not have energy. They are created out of things that were alive but in a negative way. They can be removed–that is a positive thing–but it takes time. There have been many experiences in this physical domain where certain elements have been were created that do not return to the natural state. It is time to remove them. It doesn’t mean sending them off your planet in a satellite. It means placing them in a place, embracing them, to teach others, to teach many, to not make them.

We can have a mountain of plastic so people can see it…

And realize that every part of it was a small thing that they thought unimportant. Choose things closest to nature to support your lifestyle. For there is a great amount of it, and it returns and becomes balanced in the cycles of the physical domain–the circle within a circle.



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