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Jane and her circle 

Jane is a spiritual intuitive and clear channel for spirit guides.  For over three decades she has developed her abilities in this area. Jane has a unique ability to contact many different spirit guides, from a person’s individual guides to an unlimited number of high guides we refer to as “universal beings.” Some of the most loved teacher that walked the earth come through Jane to share messages.

For the past seven years Jane and a circle of helpers have been meeting regularly to bring the wisdom of the guides through and help others to connect with spirit.  You can explore these messages through the archived posts on this website.



Meet Jane

From as far back as I remember, I’ve had an awareness of a being that was with me–a gentle, calm presence who would talk to me when I was upset or confused. To me, it seemed normal. I thought that everyone had this awareness and could hear what their guides were saying. It wasn’t until I went to school that I realized other people did not see or hear what I did, so I began to keep quiet about it.

As a teenager, I played with my abilities. I liked to tell people things about themselves that nobody else could know. Then my sister died and I began a search for my own truth. I began to read books, take classes, talk to psychics, and investigate everything I could find about spiritual understanding. People gave me a lot of rules and restrictions about contacting spirit entities, but my guide always told me there was nothing to fear. I know this with all my being: that nothing in spirit can harm you. The guides will never say anything destructive or harmful. Their words are always supportive and designed to create growth.

As my abilities developed, I began to give a few people individual “readings.” During these sessions, I would receive impressions of their guides and would share this information. Sometimes, while I was doing these readings, I would experience an overwhelming feeling of losing touch with my body. It would be hard to speak and I would feel as if I were falling– so I would immediately stop the process. One day a friend suggested that we go with it and see what might happen. I remember the beginning of that session and then nothing more. When I awoke and apologized for falling asleep, my friend told me that she had just had a conversation with an amazing being named Thomas. That was the beginning of channeling for me.
When I channel, I begin by tuning in to the energies around the people that I am with. If the session is for an individual, I will see a few beings and hear their words. If it’s for a group, I’ll see a huge crowd of beings and feel their support and love. I take a deep breath, bringing light into every part of my body. I say my own little prayer and ask my guide to take care of me. Then it’s like flying away. I have no knowledge of the words that come through, but trust that they would be acceptable to me. When I return I feel calm and peaceful.
Sometimes I’m asked why I can do this when others are not able to. I believe it’s a talent-like having an artistic ability or perfect pitch. It comes more easily to some people, however we all have the capability to learn. If you would like to develop this ability, I would suggest searching out classes and reading books. Speak openly of your desire and you will be led in the direction that is right for you. How do you know if it’s right? Let your heart lead you. Listen within yourself for what resonates and feels true for you. We all have different ways of connecting with spirit.

Meet Joanna

I first met Jane more than twenty-five years ago when my little boy, Kevin, was very ill and she offered to do some healing sessions for him. Over the next few months, we became friends. One day Jane invited me to be part of a small group of seekers (all women) who were interested in learning more about the kind of spiritual work Jane does. We called this group our “Circle” and we gathered together periodically for many years. At these gatherings, Jane would channel the spirit guides and we would ask questions of those who came through to speak.
As people in our circle experienced the ups and downs of life, the words of the guides offered us perspective and support. We spoke of everything from illness and death of a parent, to the birth and upbringing of children. We covered loss of love, relationships, divorce, career changes, friendships, marriage, guilt, parents and children, health issues, aging, lack of money, the environment, world issues…and the list goes on and on.

For every topic we brought up, the guides offered wisdom and insight from a higher perspective. Their words were always supportive, moving us towards growth in a loving way. And over time, we found ways to look at the big picture and see our place in it. The words of the guides offered us a framework for understanding our lives and our individual purposes.

Of course, talking to the guides didn’t solve all our problems. We still had to deal with our issues and do our own growing. However, the words of love and help we heard brought us comfort and understanding when we were weary, or confused. In addition, they gave us hope and excitement as we began to see our life experiences as opportunities for continuing growth and spiritual evolution.
Over time, the circle has expanded to include many people and our work continues. Though we have done many private sessions for people, we’ve always known that the wisdom of the guides was not just for individuals, but for all who are searching for answers. The CD, the blog and the evening dialogue with spirit guides events are ways of bringing the love and support of the guides to others.

Meet Donna

About 25 years ago, I was struggling with a big decision and decided to throw caution to the wind and experience my first ever psychic reading. I was new to the West Coast and never even heard of the term “psychic” in the small eastern mining town I grew up in.

Thankfully, I met Joanna and Jane and my beautiful spirit guides on that fateful day.  Not knowing what to expect, I didn’t have any pre-conceived ideas.  A realization sparked that there was something far greater than my current understanding.   I was so taken back when a beautiful spirit guide came through Jane and shared so much information.  Part of that dialogue was about details about my son, Jason, and his heart condition upon birth.   As a young parent, it was a stressful time as this little newborn went into heart failure at three weeks old and required emergency heart surgery in Detroit.  During this initial session, the guide shared many of the exact details of that experience, while wrapping it all in love.  I recognized the truth.  I did not need further convincing of the authenticity of the presence of spirit guides, or the integrity of Jane and Joanna.

Through the years, I experienced the love and wisdom of my personal spirit guides through individual sessions and the universal beings through group gatherings.  About seven years ago I started collaborating with Jane and Joanna on the creation of the CD, You are not Alone.  Since then, I passionately volunteer my time and assist with event planning, marketing and transcribing for the Dialogue with Spirit Guides Blog.

I can’t say my life has always been smooth sailing since I became aware of the spirit guides many years ago.  However, I have been sustained by knowing that I am not alone.  In truth, none of us are.  These beautiful beings of light are with us always and love us unconditionally, no matter what.  And, as we grow in our capacity to love and be loved, we can then share this love with others and keep the circle forever growing.