A conversation about learning and growth in the physical world–and in spirit

More dialogue from our June 15 event

How do we know whether we are connecting with a higher being or a different entity?

Blessed one, in the spirit there is only light and love.  Any connection you have with a higher being should make you feel comforted. You should feel this peace and light, almost a headiness. It is a bright and wondrous love that never would judge you, but always support you.  Not to say that that these beings wouldn’t at some point perhaps give you you one direction or another, but it would always be with words of love and words of gentleness.

There is no evil in spirit.  Evil dwells in your physical world but not in spirit.  Evil is the making of mankind in order to not take responsibility for their own choices–a great guise to get money from people; a great guise to control others.  There is no devil.  You might wonder if there is no positive there must be no negative, if there is no negative there must be no positive.   In your world there are both sides, but not in spirit.  In your world there is yin and yang, male/female, good/bad–always. To seek a balance on this path you must walk on there must be both sides for all learning. There must be friction  between the two to cause the learning.

In the spirit though, this is not the way we learn.  It is through you that we learn, when you find love and you make choices that are of the highest for your being.  When you make a choice that is right in your truth, we grow.  Does that help you my dear?

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  1. cheenu July 3, 2012 at 10:04 am - Reply

    I was told 3months back by a guide that this is an important time for me.I just wanted to ask in what sense is it important.

  2. Funtastick July 7, 2012 at 2:38 pm - Reply

    Greetings Guides and Helpers

    Did I do the right thing? I helped someone by delivering a presentation about his ideas because I believe in them. Yet, this man has shown his ungratefulness and minimizes what I have done. In some ways, I feel like I have been foolish, unwise. Like if I knew better, I would not do what I did.

    This hurts. He excludes me now. He has criticized the work that I have done for him. What do I do now? I feel like here is something that I wanted to do right and that I thought was right, but ended up being the one who got hurt again. Excuse my french please, but I do not know if my self-esteem can deal with another f****up (major mess up), including this one. Please help me. Lord, knows, I do not want to hear that I should not have done what I did to help, but if it is true, I will hear it. Just please give me some really good news along with it. Thank you.

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